We are Real Estate Professionals who can help you in Austin Texas,
across the Nation and around the World.
We are a hub for your connections. These connections are created to help others,
to solve problems, and to fulfill a greater purpose than our own.


We Provide Solutions

Welcome to the Heart and Sold Group – A community of like-minded business owners who believe in the Golden Rule.  We know that when you put the needs of others first, your own needs are always taken care of – in business and in life. We are intentional about who we are and who we are becoming and we are deliberate about who our friends are. We seek to do business with those that share our values so that we can know, for sure, that when a need arises we know just who to go to for help.

Our Friendships are Your Solution.

When you listen to our Heart and Sold podcast, you will be introduced to people who can meet your needs with honesty, integrity, quality and care. 

  • Real Estate Agents from Across the Country and Around the World – so you know who to call when you or your loved ones are moving in or out of an area.
  • Business Owners Categorized by Area –  so you know who to call to get help when a need arises. 
  • Philanthropists – so you can learn about their causes and be inspired to get involved and give back. 
  • Artisans – meet the women of Honduras who create our hand-made closing gifts.

Chadwin is a real estate agent based in Austin, Texas with almost twenty years of experience in high tech marketing. Every week, she will be joined by guests from the real estate industry who have been successful in their respective areas. Get acquainted with real estate agents, learn interesting facts about their markets across the nation and around the world. On a local level, Chadwin and her business partner, Tom Nelson will also interview their favorite local business owners and philanthropists and community leaders, who are making a difference in our world. Be inspired and know that every good deed YOU DO is making a big difference.

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