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Welcome to the Heart and Sold podcast debut episode! Heart and Sold Group is where you build true relationships and solid partnerships that create real estate business solutions. This podcast is dream come true for host Chadwin Barley who is on a mission to help unsung heroes unfold their stories. She shares her why of launching this amazing podcast and helps you turn your experience with adversity to a platform for success. Join her as she shares her truth to inspire others to greatness.

Heart and Sold Group is a social extension of the Heart and Sold Austin Real Estate business powered by Keller Williams, the Luxury Division.

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Heart And Sold: Inspiring Greatness Through Business Success Stories

Welcome to the Heart and Sold Group, a community of like-minded business owners who believe in the golden rule. Because we know that when you put the needs of others first, your own needs are always taken care of, in business and in life. We are intentional about who we are and who we are becoming and we are deliberate about who our friends are. We seek to do business with those that share our values so that we can know for sure that when a need arises, we know just who to go to for help. Our friendships are your solution.

When you read the blog, you will be introduced to people who can meet your needs with honesty, integrity, quality and care. We basically have four categories, real estate agents from across the country and around the world so you know who to call when your loved one or you yourself are moving into or out of an area. Business owners categorized by area, so you know who to call to get help when the need arises. Philanthropists, so you know that you can learn about their causes and be inspired to get involved and to give back. We’ll have artisans on the show, meet the women of Honduras who create our handmade closing gifts.

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I’m Chadwin Barley, Founder of the Heart and Sold Austin Group powered by Keller Williams Realty, the luxury division. I run a successful real estate business that specializes in the Lake Travis Area on the Western side of Austin, Texas. This is the result of a dream of mine. The dream started when I left the corporate world to create my very own business and purposeful life. What I’ve learned is that every business owner has a story and we envy the successful ones, don’t we? We see their lives flashed on a TV screen or social media and don’t we just feel get punched sometimes? I know I do and then I hear that uncomfortable stream of messages that burst through my mind like water gushing out of a fire hose. It tells me how easy it seems for them and how impossible it would be for me to ever achieve that kind of greatness. Thoughts like, “I bet their family had money,” or “They must have great bosses or mentors in their past to teach them all those things.”

There are so many sad defeating messages. I imagine the exact thoughts are different for everyone and yet similar in theme. A theme of scarcity that comes from the adversity we may have experienced in our own past. One day, I got tired of feeling defeated, so I did something about it. I started to expand my thinking. I read books by great authors and then I joined book groups and made new friends who also love those authors. I found out that the people you hang around with matter in that they affect how you think and who you become. I became so passionate about this journey that I set out to meet some of the authors of the books I read.

I connected with them on social media and listened to their blogs. They too became my friends because we live in an awesome world where we can be friends with amazing people, even if we never get to meet them in person. Here’s the cool part, the more amazing “famous people” I interacted with, I began to realize that the people I already knew were amazing too. In fact, I’m literally surrounded by a crowd of unsung heroes. I had not taken the time to get to know them and ask them the important questions that would lead me to their important truth.

HAS 1 | Heart And Sold

Heart And Sold: The people you hang around with matter in that they affect how you think and who you become.


I knew them, but I did not know them. Once I realized this, I found my passion and I launched my truth-finding mission because what I know now is that each and every one of us has a story to tell, chock-full of lows, villains, demons, challenges, pitfalls that we’ve either managed, circumvented or walked through to get to where we are now. Though we may still be in the process of overcoming, there is greatness to be celebrated in that journey as well. I’ve always wanted to be a journalist. I loved talk shows growing up including The Today Show, Oprah, Donahue and 60 Minutes. I loved the clever way in which those show hosts asked questions and helped people’s stories to unfold. I also loved how they broke social norms, defeated prejudices and created their own movements and even their own philanthropies. It’s always been my greatest passion to know the truth and to initiate change and as I launched the Heart and Sold community, that dream is coming true.

This is a place where you will learn some about me and a lot about the people that I love. Every single one of them is extremely gifted in something and also imperfect. You will know how they manage those imperfections so that you too can learn to overcome and step into your own greatness. The mission of our real estate business is to give back and to encourage others to do the same and this community is the next step in that effort. After all, what better gift can we give than to share our truth so that we can inspire greatness in others? Read our stories and learn why we do what we do and please share your story with us.