David and Goliath_1

This article is dedicated to my Coach in Real Estate, Ken Manceaux. Ken – thank you for your mentorship in my business. You are a true servant leader.

Who would David be without Goliath?…an unknown shepphard boy. Sometimes we become overwhelmed and tempted to quit our great works because obstacles, even other people get in the way. David was fueled with passion and he decided to absorb that passion into every ounce of his small body in order to accomplish his objectives.

Three years ago, I left the corporate life to start my own business as a Realtor. I had a brief conversation with my coach this week which got me to thinking…why Real Estate? And, more importantly – can I / will I be a source of encouragement to others seeking this industry? These questions caused me to reflect a bit. In the moment the question was asked…I have to admit I wasn’t sure the answer could be “yes.” Why?…because much like going against Goliath…it’s a tough job! And yet, it’s been an amazing journey. I’ve learned so many things about my own life from this job. Primarily because it’s challenged me like no other. Below are just a few of the reasons why I love my job as a Real Estate Agent…

  1. My job connects me to people, daily and causes me to put their needs first. The part about putting others first sounds fun (so warm and fuzzy…LOL) and yet the practice of really doing it day in and day out through the tough times as well as the easy times can be about as fun as running a marathon EVERY DAY.
  2. My job causes me to reflect and stay grounded. As an example, this one question by my coach caused me to have to really think about my choices and to remember my “WHY.” The mission of my business is to “Give back and foster philanthropy in the lives of others,” which involves a true tithe of my commissions at the close of each of my transactions. God put this desire in my heart and once you’re called by HIM to do a great thing – it’s not an easy thing to step away from.
  3. My job requires a constant commitment to personal and professional development. In this business you learn something new each and every day. This is daunting and yet what a gift to know that at the end of each day your mind has grown a little and so has your heart. Submitting to the fact that you don’t have all the answers and admitting this to yourself, daily – now that is a humbling experience.

In researching the David & Goliath story I googled this question…”What did David use as his weapon against Goliath?” and found a great answer written by an unknown author.  The obvious answer to this question would be – a slingshot. And yet, this author took the answer to the next level with a much deeper & more insightful explanation. I thought I’d share it here because just like anything in Real Estate, the answer is never as easy it it may seem….

What did David Use as His Weapon Against Goliath?….

1.The first weapon he used: words!
Goliath was trying to scare him, psyche him out, calling him a child with sticks.
What did David do? He came with a supernatural psyche-out. “You come against me with weapons and might, but I come against you in the name of my God.” Now, the pagan Philistines were a spiritual people, who well believed in the power of deities, and being neighbours of the Israelites, they had heard the Jewish stories of the miracles of the great God. Nothing physical would scare a fierce warrior, but the power of such a great God, that is something that could strike a nerve.

Then David said, “I will feed your body to the birds.”  Wow, what a way to approach you enemy.

2. For his second weapon, David chose his mind. He had already killed a bear and a leopard, he was quite skilled as a warrior. He knew that to take down an enemy so much bigger than yourself, you employ a hunter’s strategy:
Stun the beast, and kill it while it is stunned. So David did not go into battle unprepared. He used his brain to come up with a battle strategy.

3. For his third weapon, David chose his sling. For sure, it would not kill the man, but he was going to use it to stun his foe. He was skilled with the weapon, he had practiced with it in the field. But he was not arrogant, either. He trusted in God to use the weapon-skill he had developed through practice. So, he slung a stone right at that giant, and with the supernatural help of God, the stone hit its mark, slap-bang on the the side of the Philistine’s head.
Goliath was dazed, seeing yellow spots, dizzy, lost his balance and collapsed.

4. And now David chose his final weapon: his enemy’s own sword. Taking the sword of Goliath, he hefted it. It was too big and heavy for a twelve year old to use skillfully, but all he needed to to was position it, and let the blade drop. It was a sharp warrior’s sword, sharp enough to slice clean through almost anything. It was so heavy, that the shear force of it falling was deadly.

It fell, cutting the Philistine’s head clean off. Thus did David slay Goliath.

5. Finally, David chose the best weapon of all: The super-psyche-out. He grabbed the head of the Philistines’ greatest warrior, all severed, ugly and dripping, and went after the Philistine soldiers. All he needed to do was shove that in their face, and they would be so paralyzed with fear, he could pick them off freely.

You see, David really showed us how to get a-head in life.

All of what David did was backed by his faith in God, the power and support he drew from God. Because all of our skill, and the best-made plans can fail if we do not have the hand of God to make it all work together.


No matter what your challenge is today – be it in business or in life – remember your “WHY,” follow your instincts and stay true to your heart. We are each placed on this planet for a purpose. What is yours?